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Ask the Washingtonian Mag Not to Advertise Fur

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John A. Limpert, Editor
Sherri Dalphonse, Senior Editor
William O'Sullivan, Senior Managing Editor

Dear Washingtonian Editors:

I am appalled to learn that a respected publication like The Washingtonian promotes wearing fur in both its feature articles and advertising.

In a time of green living, and in light of the recent economic downtown, your magazine has a prime opportunity to present a "better," more responsible capital city to your readers.

We know the fur industry is a cruel and irresponsible one. Animals can suffer in traps for days before trappers return to bludgeon them to death. Farm-raised animals are killed by gassing, neck-breaking and anal electrocution in order to preserve their pelts.

But despite these facts, consider these key points as well:

Top clothing designers increasingly are going fur-free, with Donna Karan the most recent addition to the growing list of designers of fur-free couture, including Calvin Klein, Stella McCartney and Tommy Hilfiger. Major retailers, such as Ann Taylor, Talbots and, are quickly following suit.
The Internal Markets and Consumer Protection Committee of the European Parliament on March 2 voted in favor of prohibiting trade in seal products in the European Union. The EU is close to supporting a complete ban on the trade of skin from seals slaughtered in Canada.
Consumers are no longer willing to pay for the "luxury" of fur. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, fur imports were down 18 percent in the first three quarters of 2008, compared with the same period in 2007.

Isn't it time for The Washingtonian to step out of the 1950s, and into an era of an eco-friendly, informed Washington?

Until it discontinues the promotion of fur, I am boycotting your magazine and asking friends, family and coworkers to do the same.

China Cat Campaign
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Dear Sir or Madam,

Newspapers worldwide are reporting about the extreme torture of cats that
are skinned and then boiled alive by butchers in Guandong. Thousands of
cats are sold to the Guangdong restaurants, and most of these cats come
from other provinces where cat nabbers have become infamous all over
China, terrorizing cat owners who fear that their cats may be stolen to be
sent to Guandong restaurants.  The shocking side of this story that's
making human beings all over the world shiver with indignation is that
cats are skinned and dismembered alive, and still alive when thrown into
boiling water to finally finish a most hellish suffering with their last

It is with profound distress that I am writing to you regarding this most
Inhumane treatment of cats and ask you wholeheartedly that you put a stop
to it immediately.  The West is horrified by so much vileness, and this
will certainly not be a postcard that China would want for the world to
see.  It is because of these practices of a minority that the important
and rich Chinese culture and history have become so stained and repudiated
by most countries which have adhered to humane laws to protect the most
defenseless members of our planet:  the animals.  It will not be difficult
for China to adjust to this new era since most Chinese people abhor these
extreme cruelties. The minority in your society who delight themselves on
this type of cruel bloodshed are a few and they will only destroy China's
respectability around the world.  Surely, not all Cantonese are proud of
the smell of blood tainting their culture and history.

Quoting General Secretary Hu Jintao on December 18, 2008 commemoration of
the 30th anniversary of the reform:  "the spiritual poverty is not
socialism," can be translated also for non-humans as these practices are
certainly a great poverty of spirit and one that will bring shame to the
Chinese civilization.  It is now a good oportunity to follow on his
Excellency Hu Jintao's footsteps to a rich and spiritual socialism.

Respected Guangdong Provincial party committee, the provincial government,
Guangzhou Municipal party committee, the municipal government leads: 
These acts have driven people around the world beyond their limits of
forbearance. There is nothing that should justify such horror, let alone
something as selfish as the culture of food based on the suffering of the
innocent and the defenseless.

I appeal to your conscience and the compassion that you surely have in
your hearts, to put an end to so much suffering inflicted upon the most
defenseless members of your society:  the animals.   Please make it
illegal for butchers to inflict so much pain and agony on the voiceless
and defenselss animals.  Please investigate these atrocities, and  forbid
any food and beverage that is based on cruelty, and capture and destroy
the suppliers and sales of live animal companions for food, immediately.  
Modern laws and regulations must be instituted immediately to avoid this
type of traffic and the extreme suffering involved with it.    No nation
should have to be embarrassed of their own country because of a minority
that can only bring shame and disgrace upon itself.  It would be to the
great advantage of China to put an end to this horrific treatment of
animals to show the world that it is also compassionate and civilized, and
has the ability to be an effective part of the third Millennium.


Lettre ouverte aux autorités de Guandong (Chine) pour les Chats :

"Messieurs, Mesdames,

Les journaux du monde entier établissent des rapports sur l'extrême torture des chats qui sont pelés, puis bouillis vifs par les bouchers à Guangdong. Des milliers de chats sont vendus à des restaurants de Guangdong, et la plupart de ces chats viennent d'autres provinces où les chasseurs de chats sont devenus tristement célèbres dans toute la Chine, terrorisant les propriétaires de chat qui craignent que leurs chats puissent être volés pour être envoyés aux restaurants de Guangdong. Le côté choquant de cette histoire qui
fait trembler d'indignation les êtres humains dans le monde entier, c'est que les chats sont pelés et démembrés vivants, et sont alors jetés toujours en vie dans l'eau bouillante pour finalement terminer leur dernier souffle dans une souffrance plus infernale. Ce ne sera certainement pas la carte postale que la Chine veut que le monde entier voit.

C'est avec une profonde tristesse que je m'adresse à vous au sujet de ce traitement inhumain des chats et pour vous demander de tout coeur que vous y mettiez un terme immédiatement.

C'est à cause de ces pratiques d'une minorité que l'importante et riche culture
chinoise et l'histoire sont devenus si répudiées par la plupart des pays qui ont adhéré à des lois humaines visant à protéger les membres les plus vulnérables de notre planète : les animaux. Il ne sera pas difficile pour la Chine de s'adapter à cette nouvelle ère puisque la plupart des Chinois ont horreur de ces extrêmes cruautés. Laisser continuer ces horreurs dans votre société ne fait que sous-miner la respectabilité de la Chine
dans le monde entier.

Ces pratiques sont d'une grande pauvreté d'esprit et apportent la honte à la civilisation chinoise. Ces actes ont poussé les gens à travers le monde au-delà de leurs limites de tolérance. Il n'y a rien qui ne devrait justifier une telle horreur, certainement pas la culture, ni les denrées alimentaires.

Je fais appel à votre conscience et la compassion que vous avez sûrement dans vos coeurs, pour rendre illégal pour les bouchers de tuer des chats. S'il vous plaît éliminez ces atrocités, et emprisonnez les fournisseurs et vendeurs de chats pour l'alimentation. Des lois et des règlements modernes doivent être engagés immédiatement pour éviter ce type de trafic et l'extrême souffrance qu'il implique. Aucune nation ne devrait avoir à être gênée dans son propre pays en raison d'une minorité qui peut seulement apporter la honte et le déshonneur sur elle-même. Ce serait pour le plus grand avantage de la Chine de mettre un terme à cet horrible traitement des animaux pour montrer au monde qu'elle aussi est devenu compatissante et civilisée."
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PLEASE HELP END THE


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Presidente Felipe Calderon Hinojosa
Estados Unidos de México

Sr. Presidente:

Con extrema repulsión y tristeza vi las fotos y los videos de cómo se lleva a cabo el asesinato de caballos y burros en el mercado-matadero de san Bernabé. Caballos jóvenes, viejos, sanos, enfermos, yeguas preñadas... ninguno escapa de la bárbara e inhumana muerte a manos de los matarifes de corazón frío. ¡Parece que en su país hay una gran falta de humanidad!

Estimado Señor Presidente, por muy necesitados de  ingresos que el pueblo de San Bernabé pudiera estar,  no hay nada en este mundo que pueda justificar tanta barbarie y tanto dolor infligido a los animales indefensos. Los caballos y burros, después de una vida de servicio a sus dueños, son desechados en San Bernabé para encontrar una muerte atroz. En el tercer milenio, tal barbarie ya no es aceptable en ninguna sociedad civilizada.

Los europeos son los principales consumidores de carne de caballo, pero seguramente no son conscientes de la monstruosa forma y la falta de higiene con que se matan a esos caballos en San Bernabé. Es imperativo que el Parlamento Europeo, y su pueblo tomen conciencia de cómo su carne  fue torturada ya que todavía hay gente en este mundo con un mínimo de decencia humana.

San Bernabé le está dando  a México una muy mala imagen dentro de la comunidad internacional. Tenga en cuenta que por mi parte, voy a velar por que toda persona que conozco se informe acerca de San Bernabé. No voy a visitar México y pediré a todos mis familiares, amigos, y a mis grupos que hagan lo mismo hasta que se cierre el mercado de San Bernabé.

ENGLISH VERSION -------------------------------------------------

Dear President Calderon:

It is with extreme repulsion and sadness that I saw photos and videos of  how slaughter is performed in horse slaughter "plants" of San Barnabe.  Old horses, young, healthy, sick, pregnant mares...none escape the inhumane, indeed barbarian deaths at the hands of cold hearted butchers.  It seems that in your country there is an extreme lack of humanity!

Dear Mr. President, however much in need of income the people of San Bernabe might be, nothing in this world can justify so much barbarianism and pain inflicted on defenseless animals. Horses, after a life of service to their owners, are discarded in San Bernabe to meet with unspeakable deaths.  In the third Millenium, such barbarianism is no longer acceptable in any civilized society.

Europeans are the main consumers of horse meat, but they surely are not aware of the horse slaughter monstrosity and lack of hygiene of San Barnabe.  It is imperative that the European Parliament, and their public become aware of how tortured their meat was since there are still people in this world with a minimum of human decency.

San Bernabe is giving Mexico a very bad reputation in the international community. Please be informed that I will not be visiting Mexico until horse slaughter is banned, nor will I be purchasing any products made in Mexico. This information has been sent worldwide to friends, family and groups that I participate. They in turn, are also sending this information to their friends, relatives and internet groups.

Please do the moral thing and stop this barbarism.

cc:   Media
     Tourism agencies worldwide
     European parliament

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Seal Hunt Campaign is closed because of the EU Parliament banned the seal trade in Europe!

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Dear Sir/Madam,

In your hands is the power  to save the lives of hundreds of thousands of helpless seal pups in Canada which will die from a miserable, premature death simply for vanity and extra bucks for the multi-billion dollar fur industry.

The seals are already threatened by global climate change, and with the global warming more and more newborn seal pups will drown due to sparse, thin ice.  Therefore, the commercial slaughter of seal pups in Canada supported by its government is a reckless disregard for the ocean ecosystems, not to mention the horrendous cruelty to seal pups that are cruelly slaughtered and even skinned alive.

Canada's promise of a "humane" killing is contemptible and should be rejected immediately. There is no wild animal "humane killings" -- Even if there was such a thing, how would anyone supervise Canadian seal killers to become humane when they are infamous for being cruel and heartless?  

I am counting on the principle that Europe, as the cradle of world civilization, should continue acting as such.  Europe should send out the right message to the world, and not stoop so low as to cover itself with the blood of the innocent so Canada can make a few extra dollar.

Therefore, I am writing to appeal to your conscience and your compassion to vote for a complete ban on seal products in Europe since it is NOT needed, and can only bring shame upon Europe.

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This campaign is closed for now because Montana approved the Horse Slaughter bill!  A new campaign will be announced soon!
Horse Slaughter in Montana Campaign
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Governor Brian D. Schweitzer
Office of the Governor
Montana State Capitol Bldg.
P.O. Box 200801
Helena MT 59620-0801
(406) 444-3111, FAX (406) 444-5529

Dear Governor Schweitzer,
It is with great regret that I write to you about the recently passed bill HR 418.  The reinstitution of horse slaughtering facilities in the United States is a grave concern of both myself and many others.  The practice of horse slaughter is cruel and inhumane and has no place within the borders of the United States of America.  As well, in the past, horse slaughtering facilities have been a strain on the communities in which they reside, while giving no economic benefits.  These facilities are notorious for their pollution and unsanitary practices, leaving many communities unable to cope with the resulting problems.  The only ones who benefit from such facilities are the rich foreign corporations that exploit the horses for their own gain.  The result of this is the needless slaughter of thousands of american horses.
The United States does not need to sink to the level of other countries that support the cruel and inhumane practice of horse slaughter.  The levels of cruelty in horse slaughtering facilities outside of the United States are well documented.  It would be a tragedy for the United States to become associated with such barbaric and cruel practices.  The United States has always been a leader in the humane treatment of all living beings, and should continue to be so.
The fact is that americans don't eat horses, and we don't raise them for human consumption.  The horse is an icon of our history, traditions, and culture for the american people and the american people do not wish to see their horses slaughtered at home or abroad.  Please veto HR 418 and support the the wishes of the american people.
CC: Lieutinant Governor Bohlinger
Office of the Lt. Governor
Montana State Capitol Bldg.
PO Box 200801
Helena, MT 59620-1901
(406) 444-3111, FAX (406) 444-4648

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