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If you feel repulsed by the extreme cruelty inflicted on fur bearing animals simply for greed and vanity, you have found a group that is working relentlessly to help end these atrocities.  We are expanding our activities to face up to the challenges presented by the fur industry. If you would like to become involved as a volunteer, please scroll down for a volunteer application. Your contribution will be greatly appreciated.  As a member, this is what you will be supporting:

Our Goal
   -Convince Every man woman and child to not support the barbaric
         practices of the fur industry.
   -Form groups and support existing groups contributing to exposing the
        cruelties globally, convincing consumers to make conscientious
        choices by not purchasing fur, leather or other products based on
        animal exploitation
   -Connect anti-fur groups around the world to work together
   -Petition governments and industries to stop the barbaric practices of the
        fur industry
   -Brought awareness about barbaric practices of the fur industry through
       -Online Campaigns
       -Diplomatic Approaches and Demonstrations
       -Organized the first ever anti-fur conference
       -Published bilingual children's books with anti-fur/pro-animal message
          See its website:
       -Created and maintain two dozens of online groups, including in
          different languages to facilitate anti-fur and other activisms.
       -Successfully working with animal groups in China: Click here
       -Create and maintain links to “click & send letters “ so people can
           easily send out campaign letters.
       -Send out a newsletter that goes worldwide to inform on anti-fur
           activism and other animal issues.
Ongoing Projects:
   -Exibiting at large conferences and festivals
   -Social Media outreach to hundreds of thousands of people
   -Holding anti-fur conferences in differente areas
Future Projects:
   -Placing Anti-Fur Billboard Messages in Major Fur Metropolitan Areas
   -Anti-Fur Fashion Shows
   -Anti-Fur Design Competitions
   -Other promotional events
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The Anti-Fur Society is currently
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The Anti-Fur Society/Misha Foundation
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