The Anti-Fur Society is a group of dedicated, committed and caring volunteers working around the world to better the lives of fur-bearing animals.  your contributions--100% of which will go toward helping fur-bearing animals regardless of their geographical location.
To help convince every man, woman and child on the planet about the barbaric practices of the fur industry, or we will never live to see the suffering of fur-bearing animals come to an end. Thus, our focus is to form groups or support already existing ones in areas notorious for cruel methods of fur production. By informing consumers across the globe, we hope to encourage them to make conscientious choices by not purchasing fur or leather products as well as other items based on animal exploitation. We plan to help connect anti-fur groups around the planet, like links in a chain, each group bringing awareness of the issues at stake to people in their respective communities. Through diplomacy, education and outreach, we strive to make people around the world aware of the intense suffering caused by the making of fur and leather garments.
We are successfully networking with groups in particularly troubled areas to achieve two main goals:  Help animals in dire need, and teach by example in order to bring forth the unrealized compassion in most people. We have successfully brought awareness about the barbaric practices of the fur industry worldwide through online campaigns, diplomatic approaches and demonstrations as follows: Organized the first successful anti-fur conference in the US, an event to be happening annually:www.AFSConference.org ; Published a children’s book with anti-fur/pro-animals’ message. Available in several languages, including Chinese to be donated to groups in China and other areas to help further their causes while helping children learn to respect animals: www.littlefoxbook.com ; Created and maintain two dozens of online groups in different languages to facilitate anti-fur and other animal rights activism: ONLINE GROUPS; Successfully working with animal groups in China:www.people4chineseanimals.org ; Create and maintain links to “click & send letters “ so people can easily send out campaign letters: WHAT YOU CAN DO; Send out a newsletter that goes worldwide to inform on anti-fur activism and other animal issues: NEWSLETTER SAMPLE
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The Anti-Fur Society is an affiliate of the
Fur Free Society FurFreeSociety.org,
501 (c) (3) organization.  
P.O. Box 40, Hockessin, DE 19707