Join us on several social network groups. Helping animals is just a few clicks away and it is free.  You will be able to create/sign petitions, create/write letters , and many other actions. If you don't find a group here to suit your language, please contact us so we may help you start one in your own country.

YAHOO (Yahoo is no longer holding groups. We kept the links for sentimental reasons.)

ANTI-FUR SOCETY, USA  Anti-Fur Society activism group worldwide:
ANTI-FUR SOCIETY, SPANISH WORLD  Anti-fur activism in Spanish
ANTI-FUR SOCIETY, FRANCE    Anti-fur activism in French
ANTI-FUR SOCIETY, MIDDLE EAST   Anti-fur activism in the Middle East.
ANTI-FUR SOCIETY, ITALY  Anti-fur activism in Italian
ANTI-FUR SOCIETY, BRAZIL  Anti-fur activism in Portuguese
ANTI-FUR SOCIETY, YOUTH Anti-fur activism for the youth.
ANTI-FUR SOCIETY, JAPAN Anti-fur activism in Japan
ANTI-FUR SOCIETY, TURKEY Anti-fur activism in Turkey

ON YAHOO:  Other Animal Causes:
PEOPLE 4 CHINESE ANIMALS: For people with a special interest in helping form animal groups in China.
GREECE 4 ANIMALS:To help the desperate situation of abandoned cats and dogs in Greece.
PLANET 4 ANIMALS: Animal rights activism -- all types.
ANJOS DOS ANIMALS or ANGELS OF ANIMALS: In Portuguese, this group with over 2000 members, focus in Brazilian animal issues, mostly rescue,.

STOP_HORSE_CRUELTY:Transport of US horses to be savagely slaughtered in Mexico.

A.R.A OPEN DISCUSSION GROUP: Socialize with other ARA and exchange ideas

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The Anti-Fur Society is an affiliate of the
Fur Free Society,
501 (c) (3) organization.  
P.O. Box 40, Hockessin, DE 19707