Join us on several social network groups. Helping animals is just a few clicks away and it is free.  You will be able to create/sign petitions, create/write letters , and many other actions. If you don't find a group here to suit your language, please contact us so we may help you start one in your own country.

ANTI-FUR SOCETY, USA  Anti-Fur Society activism group worldwide:
ANTI-FUR SOCIETY, SPANISH WORLD  Anti-fur activism in Spanish
ANTI-FUR SOCIETY, FRANCE    Anti-fur activism in French
ANTI-FUR SOCIETY, MIDDLE EAST   Anti-fur activism in the Middle East.
ANTI-FUR SOCIETY, ITALY  Anti-fur activism in Italian
ANTI-FUR SOCIETY, BRAZIL  Anti-fur activism in Portuguese
ANTI-FUR SOCIETY, YOUTH Anti-fur activism for the youth.
ANTI-FUR SOCIETY, JAPAN Anti-fur activism in Japan
ANTI-FUR SOCIETY, TURKEY Anti-fur activism in Turkey

ON YAHOO:  Other Animal Causes:
PEOPLE 4 CHINESE ANIMALS: For people with a special interest in helping form animal groups in China.
GREECE 4 ANIMALS:To help the desperate situation of abandoned cats and dogs in Greece.
PLANET 4 ANIMALS: Animal rights activism -- all types.
ANJOS DOS ANIMALS or ANGELS OF ANIMALS: In Portuguese, this group with over 2000 members, focus in Brazilian animal issues, mostly rescue,.

STOP_HORSE_CRUELTY:Transport of US horses to be savagely slaughtered in Mexico.

A.R.A OPEN DISCUSSION GROUP: Socialize with other ARA and exchange ideas

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The Anti-Fur Society is an affiliate of the
Fur Free Society,
501 (c) (3) organization.  
P.O.Box 6871,
Towson, Maryland 21285