"RABBIT FUR FARMING REVEALED:  An unacceptable practice for
the sake of human vanity"  By Gary Loewenthal 
Rabbits in fur and meat farms have miserable short lives. They are crowded together in small wire cages. They have no solid floor on which to sleep or stand. They get no exercise because they're never allowed out of their tiny quarters. They have no privacy. They're practically crawling over one another. They receive no veterinary care, even if very ill.  From the breeder's standpoint, it's not cost effective. The rabbits are slaughtered by having their heads bashed against a wall. A few incisions are made in the fur, and their skin is literally pulled off them. Since the killing methods are imperfect, it's inevitable that some rabbits are still conscious when their fur is removed.

Most of the rabbits used in fur production come from China. The business is unregulated and punishment for animal cruelty is virtually unheard of. Unfortunately this is the case with all fur farms, including those in the U.S.; funding for governmental oversight is minimal, enforcement lax, and prosecution unusual.

Fur vendors frequently claim that the fur is a "by-product" of the Chinese meat industry. That's deceptive. The fur is a product, not a by- product, because it generates revenue. It encourages more breeding of rabbits. Furthermore, rabbits with the thicker fur desired by designers and manufacturers are not necessarily those bred for meat. The bigger the market for rabbit fur, the more likely that rabbits are bred primarily for their fur. In the developed world, fur is entirely unnecessary. Synthetics look great, feel great, and are cheaper to produce. Fur is currently being marketed heavily, which drives up demand. The solution is to reduce demand. One of the most effective ways to do that is to let people know of the suffering that goes into every fur garment and a reminder that faux fur is a perfect substitute and widely available.   Here's what you can do:

- Always check the label when buying anything that faintly resembles fur, including cat toys, gloves, handbags, and figurines. If the label does not specifically indicate that the item is made from synthetic materials, don't buy it. It might be made from rabbit fur.

- Let retailers know that you are offended by their fur clothing. Ask to be removed from mailing lists. Cut up and return your store credit card. Politely complain to salespeople. Some may feel the same as you.  Below are the snail mail and e-mail addresses of some of the worst offenders.  Keep in mind that personal letters are usually more effective.

-Educate yourself on the horrors of fur, and enlighten skeptical friends and family members, by visiting these websites:  Click on the link to sign the petition.

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If we don’t take action, the fur industry will walk all over us. They'll continue to kill as many rabbits and other animals as they can. They'll continue to blatantly lie. They'll continue to claim that animals in fur farms are well treated or that fur is necessary for conservation. The rabbits that are inhumanely confined and killed to make fur products need your help. If enough people fight the fur industry, they'll topple, just like Goliath, and millions of rabbits and other animals will be spared from suffering in the name of fashion.


Undercover investigation in rabbit fur farm reveals in a 9-minute video, the horrors rabbits endure for fur.  Until now, their suffering in fur farms and slaughterhouses have not received the attention it deserves. Check the videos and full report below to learn more about this investigation.

The Anti-Fur Society was invited by ANIMAL to take part in this event to disseminate this important investigation in the United States, as well as to its contacts worldwide.  

Associated with the Anti-Fur Society is Rabbitwise, Inc, for their knowledge of rabbit issues and its contacts with the rabbit advocates community, thus contributing significantly to this investigation.

This is a 9 minute video that will show you what defenseless animals really endure inside of a fur farm.                                                                                     

Please help ANIMAL so they may continue working for the defenseless in Portugal.

Remember!   Animal suffering has no frontier.  In order for us to help the voiceless, it is imperative that we hold hands with those who are working towards the same goal.  ANIMAL is a group of  very dedicated individuals and like most of us, work on a string budget.


ANIMAL of Portugal  has been advocating for animals for the last twelve years, educating the public in order to better the lives of animals which have no status as sentient beings. 

ANIMAL  has become the main voice for animal in Portugal as they break barriers and endure  the usual hostility one encounters whenever  interest groups are touched.  ANIMAL has excelled in many aspect of  animal activism, and have  shown great strength in most areas to include but not limited to:

Animals in entertainment in circuses
Pigeon target shooting
Anti-Fur issues

ANIMAL has conducted countless judicial battles on behalf of animals, with some important victories.  One example is that since 1995, when the existing Animal Protection Law came into force in Portugal,  ANIMAL initiated a lawsuit to stop "pigeon target shooting" events and for years to come, thousands of pigeons were cruelly killed for sport while the courts kept ignoring the case.  Nevertheless, ANIMAL persisted and finally in 2004 it successfully prevented through court orders, 4 out of 7 pigeon target shooting events from taking place. This caused that industry to become financially inoperable forcing it to shut down.  Since then this "sport" is no longer an option, under the Animal Protection Law. 

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